Welcome to the Department of Community Resources (DCR) website. Bexar County Commissioners Court has entrusted DCR with investing and leveraging federal, state and local resources in order to ensure that citizens receive the empowerment services that will improve their quality of life while making an economic impact in Bexar County. The requests of Bexar County's citizens are diverse, ranging from energy and veteran's assistance to housing rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure and public facilities. DCR has also been charged with leading the way in the area of community health. DCR has created a proactive approach to meeting the needs of Bexar County citizens.

DCR accomplishes its mission of facilitating significant change in Bexar County through the investment of appropriate resources in eight divisions. Each division focuses on its area of specialty to keep "Changing lives - Changing communities" through the careful, deliberate use of appropriate tools and resources.

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Community Development and Housing

  • Builds infrastructure in public areas such as water, sewage, drainage, streets, sidewalks and curbs outside city limits
  • Funds construction or rehabilitation of public facilities like daycare centers, senior centers, community centers, healthcare facilities and park facilities

Community Health

  • Administrative agency for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act of 2006
  • Coordinates and collaborates on community health programs that impact Bexar County

Community Programs

  • County oversight of programs funded by the Bexar County General Fund such as guardianship services, senior assistance, scholarships, environmental education and the arts
  • Operational support to the Bexar Child Welfare Board, Joint Commission on Elderly Affairs and Alamo WorkSource
  • Housing

Energy Assistance

  • Utility assistance under multiple funding streams
  • Repair, replace and retrofit heating/cooling appliances
  • Administration of Pauper Burial services

Veterans Services

  • Claim filing assistance for veterans, their dependents and survivors for disability, compensation, pension and burial
  • Assistance for veterans trying to obtain military records, changing military records or processing requests for a discharge upgrade
  • Referral services for veterans
  • Veteran’s Treatment Court

Mental Health Court/Initiative

  • Diverts non-violent, misdemeanant offenders with mental illness from jail into treatment programs with the intention reducing their presence in the jail population, reducing the length of their stay in jail and of breaking the cycle of recidivism
  • Links necessary treatment and service providers so that consumers can receive services that address medical care, counseling, housing, vocational training and employment
  • Mental Health Consortium